Master theses

Analysis of Property Graphs in SPARQL engines

Keywords: Linked Data, RDF, RDF*, SPARQL, decentralization, property graphs, Webdevelopment

Supervision: Ruben Verborgh Ruben Taelman

Students: max 1

In the recent years, the Property Graph model has been introduced as an alternative to the RDF model for representing graphs.

The main advantage of Property Graphs over RDF is the fact that this model can easily represent statements over other statements.

A new extension to RDF has been proposed (RDF*) to bring this Property Graph feature to the domain of RDF as well.

Before RDF* can be accepted as a new standard at the World Wide Web Consortium,

we need to investigate what its impact is when used within query engines,

which is the goal of this thesis.

The findings of this thesis are an important part of the standardization process of RDF*,

which will impact how real-world query engines will be designed and developed for years to come. In this thesis, you will investigate how RDF* can be implemented in an existing SPARQL query engine. Based on your implementations, you will perform experiments, such as measuring the overhead of RDF* compared to RDF. For this, you can make use of Comunica, an open-source JavaScript query engine.