Master theses

Authentication to decentralized data sources via Walder

Keywords: Authentication, Privacy , Solid, Decentralization

Supervision: Pieter Heyvaert

Students: max 1

In the quest to regain control over our personal data decentralization has become one of the main concepts. With the decentralization paradigm data is not centrally stored on a single company-controlled server, but across different servers controlled by individuals. For example, instead of storing all your pictures on the Facebook and Instagram servers so you can share them with your friends, decentralization allows you to store them on your own server, wherever it is located, and share them with whoever you want, without the need of a third party. Solid, created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, allows setting up such a decentralized approach.

Different challenges arise when applying decentralization. One of them is authorization: how do you control who can view certain data. For example, how do you make sure that your friends can see your holiday pictures, but not your professors? In this master thesis, you will investigate how Solid is used in these situations and how you can integrate it in existing applications.