Master theses

Decide yourself what happens with your data

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, AI, ML, Decentralization, GDPR, Learning, Machine Learning, privacy

Supervision: Ben De Meester Anastasia Dimou

Students: max 1

‘Smart devices’, but how are they smart? Well, they use Web services to answer questions you may have about your health such as ‘Is my current heart rate normal?’ or ‘Did I sleep enough last night?’. However, health data is personal data which you may not want to share with everyone. Currently, health applications centralize all your health data to give you advice and allow you to compare your heart rate or sleeping pattern with other users. As a user, you want to compare your heart rate during a workout with your friends but not share this information with anyone else, which is currently impossible.

In this Master thesis, you will investigate how:

  • data owners can express their data usage consent of their health data.
  • data owners can limit access to their health data depending on their data usage consent.