Master theses

Prototyping with Open Urban Digital Twins

Keywords: Air Quality , Linked Open Data, Semantisch Web, Smart City, Digital Twin

Supervision: Pieter Colpaert Ruben Verborgh

Students: max 1

Digital Twins (DT) are gaining interest of cities to allow data-driven decision making. The architecture of a DT is composed of two main parts: first, there is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and data broker. The GUI allows decision makers to view the digital representative of their city and apply 'what if' scenarios. The data broker contains all the data from different domains (mobility, environment, culture...). Second, there are solution accelerators that perform one or more algorithms on data sources. For example, a solution accelerator can perform calculations how liveable a certain area is by using data coming from ANPR cameras.

In this thesis, different aspects about the DT can be researched: how can (semantic) data sources, such as air quality, be consumed by a DT? How can we construct chains of solution accelerators?

We encourage students to learn-by-implementing a prototype around a specific use case.