Master theses

Cultural heritage with IIIF and event streams

Keywords: Linked Data, Event Streams, IIIF, Web of Data, authorization, cultural heritage, data publishing, linked open data, Culture

Supervision: Pieter Colpaert

Students: max 1

IIIF (pronounced “Triple-Eye-Eff”) is a set of API specifications to allow a rich, online viewing environment for compound digital objects to be presented to a human user. This way, organizations can publish high-resolution content (images, video, audio) in a standardized way and allow users to navigate through their collections.

Event Streams (ES) ( is a specification to publish changes of objects in a streaming way through an hypermedia-driven API using the TREE ontology.

Currently, IIIF and ES are two separate API specififcations, however, the data coming from these APIs need to be synchronized. For example, a museum can publish metadata of a painting with an event stream. This metadata needs to be synchronized within the IIIF manifest that describes how the paining must be visualized to users.

In this thesis, the student has the opportunity to work with real data from musea of Ghent and learn about Linked Data modelling and Web API prototyping.

The student will research how the ES and IIIF specifications can be unified by setting up a prototype.