Master theses

Decentralized turn-based games via Solid personal data vaults

Keywords: Semantic Web, Solid, Web, decentralization

Supervision: Ruben Verborgh Ruben Taelman

Students: max 1

The goal of Solid is empowering people through personal data management, as a counterpart to enterprise data management. We can consider a Solid server or data pod as the equivalent of a hard disk for the Web, on which we can store arbitrary documents and pieces of data. Then Solid apps are like our desktop applications, except that they open documents from Solid servers on the Web. In contrast to actual hard disks, Solid servers are typically public to the entire world, so detailed access control settings allow us to specify who can view or edit which of our documents.

Within this thesis, we will examine how traditional turn-based games, and in particular card games, can be modelled within personal data vaults, reckoning with the fact that the game state is distributed across multiple places. We start from experience with an existin chess application and its communication, and extend this to games with hidden/random state variables.