Master theses

FAIR ontology data management with event streams

Keywords: linked data event streams, ontology, semantic reasoner, FAIR data

Supervision: Pieter Colpaert

Students: max 1

Along with the explosion of semantic web and linked data, ontology and controlled vocabularies became a cornerstone to provide context for semantics by determining formal specifications of concepts, terms and how they relate to one another. However, the existing ontologies are engineered with a peculiar characteristic - lack of full engagement.

Most ontologies are initialised by public consortiums for solving different semantic problems. When applying them in other parties, such as companies, new terms and relationships often need to be introduced, and even a part of a structure needs to be adapted, to make them capable of serving their systems. Due to IP/IT/Data protection, those changes may never be integrated back and must be compatible with any future changes made in the main track to avoid any potential conflict. This raises a need, especially from the private sector, of developing an automated FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) ontology management platform.