Master theses

Improving Interoperability in the Solid Ecosystem through Derived Views

Keywords: Solid, Linked Data (LD), Linked Data Event Streams (LDES), Linked Data Platform (LDP), Shapes

Supervision: Pieter Colpaert

Students: max 2

The Solid project aims to decouple applications and services from the data they use. Thus, rather than storing data in a centralised place, it is now stored for each user in their own personal data storage, called a pod. Making data stored in a pod interoperable poses several challenges: First, there is the challenge of defining and enforcing a model for domain-specific data (e.g. location data). Shapes, like SHACL and ShEx can be used to overcome this. Next, there is the question of where this data is stored and how that a client or application should write to that location. For this, the Linked Data Notification (LDN) specification created a property to define an inbox to announce that data can be written at that location. And finally, a challenge remains on how to structure the data to make it possible to query it efficiently. Using Linked Data Event Streams (LDES) allows for generating a multitude of fragmentations of datasets (e.g. geospatial, time-based or substring based) with an accompanying view. Using this approach for a large collection of data allow smart query engines to retrieve fast results.