Danica D'hont joins KNoWS

Hello everyone!

I'm Danica D’hont and I recently started as the delivery manager of KNoWS. I have obtained two masters of science in engineering: operations research & industrial engineering and chemistry. I have worked one year as researcher at Ghent University where I followed data mining and combinatorial optimization courses. After that I started my career in healthcare, first in the Jan Palfijn hospital in Ghent as staff member for the implementation of the new electronic patient record and for the delivery of the reports to the management. The last 5 years I have worked at the university hospital of Ghent as IT-project manager with focus on projects related to data and reports (Business Intelligence). As an IT coordinator I was responsible for all requests for reports and the associated aftercare-data interpretation. Another important task was determining the roadmap of the data warehouse, the link between clinical and administrative data. That's how I came in contact with the research team of KNoWS.

I’m happy to be part of KNoWS. In my daily tasks I will work closely with management team of KNoWS. As a delivery manager I will maintain actively and proactively a helicopter view of our projects, internal and external goals, and budgets of KNoWS.

In my free time I like to do sport like cycling an hiking, so I come by bike to De Krook and Zwijnaarde ("Mens sana in corpore sano"). Another passion of me is travelling, I like to discover new places and new cultures.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would have any questions or remarks on specific topics for me!

Danica D'hont

Delivery Manager

Published on 2023-10-16