Network orchestrator

The Orchestrator is a component if the Mellon Scholarly Communication project architecture. It is a proof of concept implementation for the proposed Orchestrator specification. The Orchestrator implements the autonomous agent model: an intelligent software instance that operates on an actor’s behalf but without any interference of that actor.

Citation Extraction & Relay Service

In 2023 an orchestrator service was developed using Koreografeye to automate the extraction of citations from artifacts that are stored on researcher pods.The Citation Extraction orchestrator can watch an institutional repository for new publications and start an extraction process. The Citation Relay Orchestrator provides a service to relay extracted citations to the LDN Inboxes of cited artifacts.

Relevant information is available on GitHub:

Koreografeye Orchestrator

In 2023 a lightweight Orchestrator was developed in Typescript and made available as the koreografeye NPM package. The package can be run as a stand alone service inside a Solid pod, or as a remote service.

Koreografeye has a plugin architecture that allows for connectors to:

Relevant information is available on GitHub:

Apache Nifi Orchstrator

In 2022 an Apache Nifi Orchestrator was created that implements the full Orchestrator specification.

Relevant information available on GitHub:

A public demonstrator was made available to show the capabilities of orchestration at: