Scholarly Browser

The Scholarly Browser is a Web interface that can be used by researchers to trace lifecycle information of an scholarly artefact. When a user consults an artifact, the Browser, allows gathering this information from the pod of the researcher that contributed it, from pods of the user’s peers, and from Service Hubs (or aggregators thereof). It allows the user to filter this information and to overlay it on the consulted artifact.

It offers a researcher the ability to apply a personalized lens, prioritizing events she considers significant, trusted, and/or relevant in the context of a given information gathering activity. For instance, Alice might prefer to only see registrations and certifications fulfilled via Service Hubs that her university trusts, and might want to filter out suspicious third-party certifications such as paid reviews. Alice might also specifically be interested in annotations created by her direct colleagues or trusted peers, some of which might not even be public. Such a perspective on an artifact is likely different from the one presented by the pod of the artifact’s author, which might include certifications from different sources and would not list annotations for which access is restricted. The Scholarly Browser allows Alice to focus on information pertaining to the artifact that align with her current preferences.

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